Learn More About Artificial Dyes 

American corporations don't use artificial dyes in the products that they sell in other developed countries; they formulate their products differently to meet consumer demand overseas. 

In response to consumer demand, Kraft, Kellogg, Coca Cola, Wal-Mart and other companies voluntarily removed artificial dyes and colors from the products that they sell in other countries.  Learn about the remarkable study that is largely responsible for the reformulations and change by CLICKING HERE and what consumers in the U.S. are doing to bring those same changes home by CLICKING HERE

Protect Children from Chemicals In Our Food Supply

Join me and Alyssa Milano as we call for the labeling of foods that contain ingredients that were first introduced into our food supply in the 1990s without labels by the biotech and agrichemical corporations.  These ingredients have been engineered into our food by agrichemical corporations and drive increased usage of their topselling weedkillers, but due to health and environmental concerns, including toxicity and allergenicity, these ingredients are either not used or are labeled in the foods consumed in other developed countries.  Help us get labeling on these ingredients here in the United States, too, because no human  trials were ever conducted to ensure their safety.  You can learn more and join us in our call to action by CLICKING HERE.

Bring Healthy Food to School Lunchrooms with Jamie Oliver

Jamie Oliver is leading a Food Revolution, and it's like nothing we've ever seen before!  There are so many ways in which you can get involved, depending on your time and interests.  So I invite you to take a look at his incredible community and learn how you can engage if you are so inclined by CLICKING HERE

Learn about Risks Associated with Biotech's Newest Foods

In 2009, the American Academy of Environmental Medicine issued a remarkable statement, encouraging doctors to take a hard look at genetically modified foods and encourage their patients to exercise precaution when it came to exposing their families to these novel foods and food proteins.  Read through their document to learn more about the health risks that these products might contain and what you can do to protect the health of your family.

I invite you to CLICK HERE  to learn more.

Learn about Labeling of Genetically Modified Foods

Recent polls show that an overwhelming majority of Americans want genetically modified foods labeled.  Fortunately, in the last few years, there have been remarkable efforts made by organizations around the U.S. who are working to educate American consumers about both the risks that genetically engineered foods present and why governments around the world either didn't allow for their introduction into their food supplies or insisted on the labeling of these ingredients as they were introduced.

I invite you to visit www.nongmoproject.org and www.gmoawareness.org to learn more.

Protect Your Family from Antibiotics in the Food Supply

The Pew Campaign on Human Health  is working to save antibiotics by phasing out the overuse of the drugs in food animal production. This remarkable group works with public health leaders, veterinarians, agricultural interests, academics and citizens groups who share the objective of preserving the integrity of antibiotics as a means of protecting human and animal health.  

You can learn more by clicking here at http://saveantibiotics.org 

Do Your Thing!

At Do Something, you get to pick your thing!  And although the site is designed to get teenagers to do something off line, it can inspire the teen in all of us!  So I invite you to learn more and volunteer. What's Your Thing?  Learn More!